cast chip

Chip Zavattoni (he/him) 17
Birthday: May 14th
A pretty easy-going guy who at least tries to get along with most people. He hates talking about his emotions and would rather help other people with their problems.

cast ellis
Ellis Clark (he/him) 17
Birthday: October 3rd
Very nice and polite outwardly, but can be a big grump sometimes. Has a hard time connecting with people and gets picked on a lot in school.

cast izzy
Izzy Clark (she/her) 24
Birthday: June 18th
Stubborn and can be a bit hot-headed. She means well, but doesn't usually think too far ahead concerning Most Things.

cast mira
Mira Gonzalez(she/her) 24
Birthday: February 2nd
A sweet and kindhearted woman who cares too much for her own good. Deserves better than getting dragged into some terrifying magical bullshit but here she is anyway.

cast noah
Noah Clark (he/him) 25
Birthday: March 6th
A big tool who is pretty set in his ways. Doesn't seem to realize how much of an impact his words have, and usually ends up going too far.

cast louie
Louie Zavattoni (he/him) 32
Birthday: January 22nd
Very overprotective; angry at a whole lot of things, mostly himself. Doesn't think he has much going for him in the whole “redemption” area, but is trying to be a better person for Chip's sake.

cast slon
Slon Reodain (he/him or they/them) ??
Birthday: December 10th
Very kind, very silly, and full of So Much Love. Spends much of his time napping, helping others out around SPL, and then napping some more.

Shiba (she/her) ????
Fish's momma, basically adopted Ellis and Chip too. Worries a lot, but tries to help her boys the best she can.

Fish (he/him) ????
Just a wee bouncing baby boy. Growing quick but still doesn't know how to talk. Kind of small for his age.

Ivet Espinosa (she/her) 27
Birthday: April 29th
Everyone's big sister and/or bodyguard except for Gunther. Has many hobbies and is good at like all of them.

Jackie Adelson (he/him) 8
Birthday: August 10th
The only child in a world full of scary angry adults and depressed rowdy teenagers. Has seen Some Shit. Very understandably afraid of everything.

Gunther Maurer (he/him) 19
Birthday: July 28th
THIS GUY, am I right???

Harper Finley (they/them) 22
Birthday: September 9th
Very chill and fun to hang out with, but asks a lot of weird questions that seem to come out of nowhere. Has written lots of bad love songs to Bogdan.

Bogdan Vodovozov (he/him) 25
Birthday: June 3rd
Gentle, timid, and very aware of how scary he can look to others. Physically strong but emotionally insecure. Loves Harper with all his sweet lil heart.

Copycat (he/him) ???
A very tall and lanky man who is very successful at being both charming and cunning. Though living a life of thievery, he has his heart in the right place.

cast boots
Boots (he/him) ???
Lives life calmly and step by step. He has written more poems than the entire cast combined. Copycat's right-hand man.

cast coralee
Coralee (she/her) 17
Birthday: November 23rd
A friendly young witch who wanders the forest by herself; tries her best to stay positive and keep it together. She carries quite a few mysteries in that tiny wardrobe that's constantly floating behind her.

cast fieh
Fieh (she/her) ??
A kind bird who left her flock to live a more peaceful life. A first-time mother.

cast oathi
Oathi (they/them) ??
On the outside: cold and arrogant. On the inside: warm, but still pretty arrogant.

Charlotte Ieae (she/her) 29
A pretty chill person, aside from her raging and never-ending thirst for revenge that she knows she'll never be strong enough to achieve. Going for it anyway.

Quincy Min (he/him) 25
An actual pretty chill person pretty much all the time. Very concerned for Charlotte's well-being and tries to keep her from going overboard.