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posted December 31st, 1969, 8:00 pm

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December 31st, 1969, 8:00 pm



Page Transcript:

LG: Look, its not like I want you here, either.

CC: So, what, You're some kind... some kind of *God*, and you can't get someone out of here, *despite the fact* that he's not supposed to be here in the *first place*?!?
How could you not be prepared for something like this!!?

LG: Something like this- (points at CC) -isn't even supposed to happen!!

CC: (personally offended) I'm a SHADOW! Don't you think I know that already?!

LG: ! Wuh- that's not what I-

CC: (bringing himself to his feet) Maybe if I just- try to *think* about this- I can find a way out-
Since I'm clearly getting no help anywhere else!

LG: Hey!

(CC starts to walk away, right off LG's hand. He is immediately caught by another hand and shoots an angry glance back at the god's face.)

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